Design Services

WRE specializes in the design of water conveyance/storage/treatment systems and structures. We are familiar with the design of dams, spillways, outlet structures; river diversions and river training structures; water supply intakes; canals and pipelines; pump stations and hydropower facilities; flow control facilities, including large valves and gates; storm drains, sewers, and appurtenant structures; potable water transmission and distribution systems; re-circulating cooling water systems for power plants; piers and port-related facilities; and water and wastewater treatment facilities. Recent project experience includes:

  • Feasibility-level design of flow control gates of unprecedented dimensions for an American waterway.  The gates will provide a salinity intrusion barrier intended to improve water quality and fish habitats.
  • Preparation of plans and specifications for retrofit of stormwater pump stations.
  • Hydraulic design of new stormwater and wastewater pump stations.
  • Design of vegetated swale to provide street drainage in industrial area.
  • Design of headrace, fish screens, and vertical shaft for low-head hydropower plant in Pacific Northwest.
  • Design of solar-powered pump system, pump intake, piping, storage tanks, and groundwater well to supply water to cattle in remote area.