Analysis Services

WRE engineers combine strong academic backgrounds with practical experience. While reliance on computer models is common, we understand that the computer is only a tool, albeit a powerful one, and all models have inherent limitations. Our engineers have the experience necessary to use computers to full advantage without sacrificing practicality and common sense. Recent project experience includes:

  • Development and calibration of hydraulic model to evaluate possible improvements to a drinking water distribution system; project includes consideration of dual piping to use untreated water to supply fire hydrants.
  • Field sampling and testing of creek water to establish a water quality baseline prior to construction of a dam.
  • Analysis of sewer system operation through hydraulic modeling.
  • Field and telephone surveys to establish acceptability of various water- conserving fixtures in a major metropolitan area.
  • Hydrologic, hydraulic, and scour analysis of proposed new bridge over a channel connecting a recreational lake to an estuary.