Emergency Readiness Assesment for Major Water Utilities

Client: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Howard County (Maryland) Bureau of Utilities

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission manages a complex water supply system stretching from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the City. The system, which features a complex series of reservoirs, tunnels, pipelines, and treatment systems, is the third largest municipal utility in California. It serves 2.4 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. WRE engineers assessed emergency readiness for both the distribution system within the City of San Francisco and the regional system that brings water from the mountains. The assessments were used to improve emergency operating procedures and to purchase and locate materials and equipment at strategic locations to better respond to major emergencies.

The Howard County Bureau of Utilities manages a water system that delivers about 26 million gallons per day to residential and commercial customers.  The county purchases its water from the City of Baltimore and uses a system of elevated tanks, pump stations, and distribution pipes to serve its customers. WRE engineers assessed the Bureau of Utilities’ emergency readiness and developed a Vulnerability Assessment in compliance with federal requirements.