Design of Major Stormwater Pump Stations

Client: Various Municipalities, Utilities and Agencies

WRE specializes in designing new stormwater pump stations and retrofitting existing facilities. Work includes hydrologic analysis to define stormwater flow rates; sizing of facilities, taking into account site and budget constraints; selection of equipment and power sources; and preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates.

WRE engineers can trouble-shoot  stormwater pump stations and offer practical solutions to pump performance and system operation problems. In over 90 percent of the projects WRE has tackled involving pump stations that fail or do not function as anticipated, the problems were caused by hydraulic deficiencies rather than malfunction of the mechanical equipment. Poor performance and high maintenance can generally be attributed to design features that fail to properly account for the three-dimensionality of water flow and the complex interactions between water and the structural and mechanical components of the facility.