Market Penetration of Water-Conserving Fixtures, Survey

Client: East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (District) recognizes that a fundamental requirement for developing and evaluating an effective water conservation program is detailed knowledge of how customers use water. The District’s Water Conservation Division conducted market penetration studies in 1995 and 1998. WRE was retained by the District to conduct a follow-up study in 2001.

The 2001 study improved the District’s ability to make inferences about the market penetration of water-conserving hardware, rates of hardware replacement, and customer attitudes and behavior. The study comprised telephone and site surveys, statistical analysis of collected data, and evaluation of pertinent data from other sources.

The 2001 study was designed to ensure that the sampled population was representative of the District’s service area, allowing valid inferences to be made about the various market sectors. The study team evaluated nine sectors: three residential (single-family, multi-family of two to four units, and multi-family of five or more units) and six non-residential (warehouses, retail, food sales, fast food establishments, restaurants, and offices).